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  Mutual recognition agreements (MRA)

 Mutual recognition agreements (MRA) have been initiated within the framework of the opening of the economy in order to avoid any technical barriers to trade which may be caused by the differences between technical regulations, national standards and conformity assessment procedures among countries. Such regulations and standards aim generally at protecting “legitimate objectives” but may, at the same time, represent barriers to commercial exchanges.
These agreements, which are based on the mutual recognition of conformity assessment results issued by the signatory parties, may have different forms and various effects depending on several parameters such as:

 If the signatory parties are public or private;
 Recognized results demonstrate commercial requirements.

The concluding of a MRA supposes that the two signing parties having a compatible level in the field of the results covered by the recognition.

“Traditional” MRAs are based on the principle of mutual recognition of conformity certificates according to which each party is entitled to designate conformity assessment bodies (CAB) which are in charge of assessing the conformity of products to the other party’s technical regulations and standards knowing that such regulations and standards are not harmonized.  


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